Ebeltoft MTB trail

Ebeltoft MTB trail

We all need something else to do or think about, when such a crisis hits us. Katrine and I are both sent home from our respective employments, so we have now settled in Katrine’s father’s sommerhouse.

Luckily for us there is a very nice MTB trail 5km away, so at least we can go there and get some exercise. And at the same time do something with the kids, who are also staying home, because the schools are closed.


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Parent’s opinion:

Lærke and Sofie’s opinions: for the practice area and for the whole area

Molly’s opinion: Parking lot, seating area, barbecue, shelter, water… undefinedundefined

The trail in Ebeltoft is both kids friendly and extremely tough for the parents! It consists of a constant stream of small steep climbs and ditto descents. If you step on the throttle, you will get exhausted, before the trail is over (the trail is about 12km long). So you are in for some exercise, and there is no time to look for summer birds or hum your favourite tune.

If you turn down the pace just a little bit, though, the trail is also extremely fun! Lots of fast turns, small jumps, technical downhills and difficult steep climbs. All in all we think it has the whole package to make it very a good mtb trail. Only downside: Some parts consists of long descents of natural single trail. By natural I mean in the sandy dirt which therefore also means that these trails get deeper and deeper and forms some pretty deep ditches, where you potentially can catch a pedal on the side of these “ditches”.

On the positive side, the sandy dirt means that this track is rideable all year long. It can soak up a lot of water!

Sofie and Lærke also have a blast here. There is a short “practice” area starting from the parking lot. It has some small climbs and ditto downhills. Some of the climbs are a bit too much for the smallest of bikes – you need some gears. But the descents are spot on. Not too steep and with some turns.

The girls know the area and thought it was a bit boring this time, so we took them out on the “real” trail. They rode a lot of the track by themselves, although we had to help at some of the climbs. But there is nothing dangerous, since there is both a green “easy” trail at some points, but there is also some black parts. The entire track is marked as red, but personally I think, it is a fairly easy red, if you take it slow. Especially when you can opt for the green “chicken runs”.

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