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Beitostølen, Norway – KID FRIENDLY 

Approx… Lots of kilometres!

How did we actually end up in Beitostølen?

We did not know anything about this place, and it is not something that comes up in a google search. Luckily for us we were advised to visit this place by one of our MTB friends in Denmark, and so we contacted one of the two owners of Bike Beitostølen, Kasper Madsen (who is also Danish), to hear about their place and if they would have time to meet us and tell us a bit more. 

They had time – but also a lot to do, so we arranged that Jakob could ride with Kasper out in search for new trails to do guided tours on, while Katrine and the girls relaxed with Kasper’s girlfriend and co-owner Marie Wisborg and their three-year-old son. 


Kasper and Jakob did not find any new rideable trails, but the next day, Katrine took a guided tour with Kasper, and she really loved it – actually she said that she was completely high afterwards!

Besides showing her a lot of really cool trails, Kasper is also a certified instructor in various genres of the sport, and he gave her some very informative and usable tips. She rode some quite difficult stuff and actually felt confident about it. 

At Beitostølen they both have marked trails at the Trail Arena, but they also have tons of kilometres of natural trails that can be explored. Maybe consider a guide to go with you…

Bike Beitostølen have paired up with the city of Beitostølen to build a Trail Arena, and they are making good progress. So, unlike a lot of the other areas we have ridden in Norway, this area actually has some marked trails (we were getting really frustrated about having to use all the time, because nothing was marked trails).

The really, really nice thing about this area is that it also has very kids friendly trails! 

How about a green trail above the tree line with spectacular views? Something that everyone can ride and then throw in Bitihorn as the background setting. 

Sofie and Lærke absolutely loved it. But what they loved even more was the nicely groomed blue trail from the top of the plateau and all the way down to the chair lift (blue number 6). This was a trail that suited the girls perfectly! Not too steep but with tons of berms, rollers and tabletops (which becomes a hilltop, you aim to get to the top of in their eyes).

When you get to the bottom, there is a bike wash station, a pumptrack, a small playground, (go-carts, trampolines and other stuff in the high season and weekends) and a really nice Intersport, where Katrine would like to buy the whole Norrøna collection…

For overnight stays there is different options. Cabins, hotels and a campsite. We parked Molly at Marie and Kasper’s house (Thanks!), so we cannot really say anything about these various options. But you can park a car right at the plateau, if you only want to take the green lap (4,4km) at the top. 

All in all – this is a place to visit, if you would like to ride different kinds of terrain and various degrees of difficulty. And this is certainly a place for the kids to try and ride MTB. 

The green Garli lap at the top is very easy but still very fun, and the blue no. 6 is just two kilometres of downhill playground for both kids and parents. 

But there is so much more to try in the area. 

If you would like to link a lot of nice stuff together or go on a guided tour away from Beitostølen itself, make sure to hook up with Bike Beitostølen – they know, what they are doing!



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