Haaaaave you met Kat..?

Haaaaave you met Kat..?

Hi my name is Katrine, or Kat, as most of my friends call me.
When I was a kid, my parents often said – you have 2 gears, either you run around or you sleep 😉

I’m no professional mountainbiker, but I love it and I’ve been doing it on and off for 13 years.
I used to love riding fast and didn’t feel I had been out, before I felt the taste of blood in my mouth 😉 Getting older (not wiser) I have come to enjoy just riding for the fun of it – even the more downhill and technical elements are becoming my friend. I have often said things like I’ll never ride a 29″ or use flats and many more statements like that – Jakob can confirm that 🙂 Now I ride 29″ with flats and love everything about it. So I’m quit the politician – I have an opinion, until I have a new one.

Besides MTB I’m a big fan of hot Inferno Pilates, yoga, dodgeball, soccer, skiing and just sports in general. I also love relaxing (hense the two gears), a great cup of coffee, white wine, sushi and Dhal

I’m a peoples person and I find all kind of people interesting – where are they from? What’s their story? I believe that curiosity and an open mind will get you far in this world

I went to Greenland two years ago and that experience did something to me – It made me want to be closer to nature, and so here we go…

When I’m not persuing this dream, I work as a health and movement consultant in the second largest municipality of Denmark – it’s called Aarhus. I have worked with developing movement and movement skills among children age 0-18 år and right now I’m the project manager of Movement for Life, Aarhus.

I have a saying that I like to use “kompetence knubs” which translates badly, so I’m looking for a good sentence – hit me if you have one. I believe that kids need to use themselves and learn by trying. Climbing a tree offers so much learning. We have become too afraid that children will hurt themselves that we have deprived frem doing many of those things – like climbing trees (high trees) and riding bikes at an early age. I believe (and PhD Ellen Beate Sandseter agrees) that children will only go as high as they can manage and exploring that and feeling the rush, when it’s a bit dangerous will make them stronger both mentally and physically.

MTB facts and my recommendations:

I ride af Santa Cruz Tallboy – it is without a doubt the best mountainbike experience, I have ever had – that bike upped my game by 200 %

My favorite mountainbike area in Denmark is Silkeborg – it offers tracks for everybody, and the scenery is absolutely stunning.

For a weekend gateaway I would recommend Slettestrand. We had our wedding there last year. It offers great tracks, technical elements and you can end the stay with a dip in wild west-coast ocean. They offer great organic and local food all topped with a family feeling that is very special.

Stay balanced – The MTB Family

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