Grenå MTB trail

Grenå MTB trail

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The Trail

The Scale: A maximum of either 5 or 5

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So, Corona is still here… But we can still go outside and ride our bikes. Lærke actually has a new one now (with gears), so she is able to follow her bigger sister. More about bikes in another post. 

Jakob rode the trail in Grenå several years ago and thought it was horrible. But also remembered that it was really flat. So for the girls it could be really good. 

Well, when Katrine has to work, I (Jakob) can take a small trip with the girls then. So we packed Molly and drove to Grenå. 

The parking lot at the start of the trail is actually the parking lot to some different schools, and it is very big! 

But I could not see any water stations and such – luckily Molly has it all… After a few minutes of getting ready – well, a lot of minutes actually; everything just seems to take an enormous amount of time these days – we got on the bikes and took off. 

Just as remembered, the trail is… Well, not flowy. You are just constantly turning, and it seems as if the builders are aiming to go around every single tree in the forest. Maybe not quite, but you are just turning too much. Maintaining speed and flow is almost impossible, and after two kilometers I was bored (on my own behalf – I was having fun with the girls), and the trail is 17 kilometers long… 

On the other side – this trail is really, really good for children! A lot of turns means a lot of practice. And the lack of speed is not a problem, since they are not riding very fast – instead it just feels more safe, since we are riding pretty slow. They have built some bridges various places on the trail – some of them are narrow, but there is always an easier version – a good way to challenge beginners, when you do not have the opportunity to ride big drops and such. 

Sofie and Lærke had a blast! Lærke had to get off the bike once and awhile, when some of the bumps got a little too steep uphill. But we are talking 2-3 meter climbs. So she walked up and was immediately riding again. Sofie was flying. You could see, she was having fun, but actually she maybe needed just a bit more challenging terrain. We did not ride it all, since it was just too long for the girls, so we took a shortcut back to the parking lot. 

All in all. This is not for the experienced rider. For a beginner it could be a good place to start, and for children it is just a really good trail – unfortunately just too long for the smaller kids. But bring a phone with a map and it is easy to find your way back. 

And when it opens again – you could also visit Kattegatcenteret, a huge aquarium, which is also located in Grenå.

Stay balanced – The MTB Family 

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