The MTB Family

The MTB Family

Who are we?

We are a Danish family, who want to explore the world with our kids! First stop will be the Philippines, but we are planning to travel around Europe in our van – with our mountainbikes joining us.

We are: Katrine and Jakob, and our two girls are Sofie and Lærke.

Why this site then?

Where to go with your mountainbike? There are numerous trails all around Europe (and Denmark), but definitely not all of these are made for kids! We want to explore different trails and see, if we can find those, who are also interesting for children. Whether the kids are on their own bikes, or they are just having fun in the surroundings. We could use this information as parents, so now we have decided to bring you that information.

But the blog will be much more than this. How is it to travel with kids? And how is to to travel with hyperactive parents, who are always looking for the next trail? Can we unite our interest for mountain biking with our interest for traveling? Sure we can. But can we bring our children into that equation and still unite all of our interests and needs? We hope so…

BTW, the three letters ‘MTB’ can be seen as so much more than being short for mountainbike. In our case they could mean:

Man, wife and kids Travels with Bikes or:

Molly Travels with Bikes and family…

So for each chapter in our lives, it could mean something different, but there is no doubt that mountain biking is going to be a huge part of this site…

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