Easter in Molly

Easter in Molly

By Katrine:

Easter was spend getting to know Molly and frankly getting to know eachother as a campervan family. We set out for the area of southern Funen which is known for it’s spectacular nature, half-timbered houses, coastline, small islands and of couse the best rum balls in all of Denmark. Don’t miss out! You can pick them up at NØRRE AABY BAGERI, GRØNNEGADE 12, 5580 NØRRE AABY.

We spent 5 nights in Molly at 5 different locations – many of them found right before I killed a cow with my bare hands. We rode 4 different tracks, which Jakob will post more about later. For me “Skovhuggeren” was the best experience.

So how was it? And what did we learn? We have tried to sum it up, making 10 statements. Also with this site we hope to inspire others to try the vanlife, which means we try to be honest. Pictures don’t always tell the whole story 😉

– We need to find our “home-is-where-you-park-it” spot before hunger kicks in. Lærke turns into a hangry diva just like her mom. I’m always looking for this perfect spot, with a lovely view, water close by, nature surrounding us, not a lot of other people (hint, there is not really a lot of places like this anywhere). So we have to accept that it’s lovely to hit a spot like this once in a while, but less will do as well. Also children will do with much less 🙂 We slept next to a playground one night – perfect!

– We learned that a trangia makes cooking easier and widens the possiblities. You can cook both inside and outside.

– EVERYTHING needs a place. Things laying around which you need to move constantly, will make you crazy. We ended up with some plastic boxes that you can place under the car (all our MTB stuff) when parked. We ended up reorganizing the van completely on day two, and it was all worth it!

– Even with hard prioritizing we packed too much clothes

– There is a saying “Fyn er fin” which translates into something like “Funen is fantastic” – we found that to be very true. We said it constantly when driving around!

– The Rum Balls that won “best in test” in all of Denmark are for sure the best 🙂

– Molly and MTB’s makes so much sence. The girls love it, and we can go together, split up, run next to them. Again Jakob will get back to reviewing the different trails. And it’s important to say that it’s not all we will do 😉

– You really get to know eachother and you need breaks. Make sure to do that. Take a walk. Split up in couples – the kids needs breaks as well.

– Nice weather really adds to the experience. Doing dishes while looking at the sunset truly makes it all worth it. Doing it in pooring rain – not so much! 🙂

Honestly – we loved it! We can’t wait to set off and learn much more about Molly and ourselves. The journey has not even started – but we are ready for the ride 🙏

Stay balanced – The MTB Family

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  1. mooreaboutmissy

    You guys are giving your kids the most amazing experience! And learning so much as a family😉. Thanks for sharing your adventure!!

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